An important consideration in choosing your eyeglasses is choosing the correct frame color to complement your skin tone. Generally, we each fall into the fair, medium or dark skin categories.

For fair skin, we recommend to shy away from bright colors because it will highly contrast against the light skin color, creating a washed out look. Instead, opt for neutral brown, black, or tortoiseshell colored frames. To get away from being too bland, you can ‘spice it up’ with funky frame styles and details.

To make a bold statement, consider solid colors if you have a medium skin tone, including frames that are primarily blue, green, and even pink

For those with a darker skin tone, we recommend lighter colors in order so that the frame is not ‘washed out’ against the skin color. These would include white, tan, and gold colors.

The bottom line is these are merely guidelines. The final decision is yours, to choose the frame that you feel most comfortable with.