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As your happiness is our top priority, your eye health and safety take precedence! We take care of this by being an authorized retailer of contact lenses in North America. All our contact lenses come directly from the North American manufacturers.

What Is An Authorized Retailer (Authorized Partner/Authorized Reseller)?

A manufacturer identifies the optometrist offices and online optical stores they directly sell product to by labeling them an Authorized Retailer (Authorized Partner/Authorized Reseller). This clearly differentiates who is selling genuine product to patients all over North America. Most online optical stores are NOT Authorized Retailers. They are sourcing their contact lenses from third party distributors from outside North America to save money.

VisionPros is one of the few online optical stores to proudly be an Authorized Retailer for all four major contact lens manufacturers: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Bausch + Lomb, Cooper Vision and Alcon. The contact lenses you purchase from VisionPros are directly from the North American manufacturer, so you do not have to worry about your eye safety and health. You are also fully protected as the North American manufacturers accept liability for all the products they provide.

Why Should I Only Order From Authorized Retailers (Authorized Partners/Authorized Reseller)?*

Buying from an Authorized Retailer guarantees that your contact lenses have passed strict inspection on materials used, performance and packaging. Unfortunately, there are many online optical stores who purchase your contact lenses overseas and not from the North American manufacturers. The issue comes down to not knowing the product source, which creates unclaimed liability. The products can be counterfeit, stolen, expired, repackaged, or damaged.

How can I tell if an online optical company is an Authorized Retailer?

The manufacturers have the authorized dealers listed on their websites. You can also call the manufacturers directly to know who is an official authorized retailer and who is not.

Alcon: 1-800-268-4574

Bausch & Lomb: 1-888-459-5000

Coopervision: 1-855-526-6737

Johnson & Johnson: 1-855-345-0032